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I tag all my stupid text posts with #shut up rae no one cares. So yeah, you should probably blacklist it because i say a lot of dumb things.

I’m pretty sure I have no soul. /tearless

orrr i’m just a whiny cry baby

the julius scenes though ughhh my heaaaaartttttt

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Julius sketch!! :D

Yes but where is our console SMT/non Persona game that was promised ages ago


Persona 5 TGS Trailer

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No, but seriously. Am I the ONLY person who’s noticed the cannibalism in Nitrocal+ Games???

First from our lovely Togainu No Chi we have Kiriwar, the sick fuck.

Then the shattering Sweet Pool gave us Makoto - thank you for that heartburn, by the way.

And Let us not forget the infamous Ren from Drammtical Murder.

And now Lamento, where the ENTIRE PLOT is based on cannibalism and a “choosing” every night that involves a random “cat” being eaten .

What the fuck

Actuaaaallly it’s not just Nitro+ games. I’ve seen it in a few other BL/Non BL VNs

I won’t mention which since I don’t wanna spoil ‘em~


Hello must be playing another xillia game. Time to draw Balan a lot. I have comics planned, just gotta find the time to hash them out. >o> so for now, whatever. random drawings in between fighting enemies. (being 2Player is rad)